Istanbul, Turkey

Windows & Mirrors, 22 – 28 April, 2012






  Program, 22.-28. April 2012

In life we have so many opportunities,  but none will ever be the same as this one. This one was a life changing opportunity.  When you leave primary school to the secondary school you leave so many friends behind and you would think leaving Turkey to come back to England when you have only been there for a week would be the same, but its not,  it was really hard to leave Turkey as we had made so many friends and seen so many beautiful places and sculptures.

My time in Turkey was wonderful,  I have made so many friends and had finally managed to get a tan!.

They had lots of English food but with the names translated into Turkish and then they had lots of Turkish food that wasn’t so nice.

The people in Turkey are really kind and are always thinking of others, but,  the driving over there is not as organised as it is over here. It is wreck less and they park anywhere they want, over here some are wreck less but not as bad and the parking is mainly organised.

When we went to Turkey it wasn’t for fun (although every day was full of it) it was for seeing how other people live and the way they dress, eat, talk, and generally do things. It was so different to over here as we speak English and they speak Turkish, we eat English food they eat Turkish and lots of others. I loved it over there.

When I was on my way home, I thought that it would be easy to leave as it was just a project but at the end I was leaving so much more: friends, beautiful places, people who I love and have had a great time with, hot weather and much, much more. I loved my time over there I think the project was a brilliant idea and I think it should be held again as this is a wonderful opportunity for many more people to be apart of.

There is defiantly 1 key point of how nice and a beautiful thing this project was, and that is that every one and I mean everyone including girls and boys women and men made this special.

I loved my time over there!!!



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