Instituto de Educación Secundaria Heliche

Our school includes the three branches of the secondary education in Spain: four-grade compulsory education, two-grade post-compulsory (preuniversity) education and two-grade vocational studies in computer studies or gardening. It is in a rural area next to Seville with students from different family backgrounds, mostly middle-class. There are a few students with special needs and a small number of migrants who are given special attention by specialists regarding basic competences and language acquistion respectively. At the moment we are experiencing a process of improvement by the implementation of ICT rooms for all the departments and by starting a CLIL section.

As far as the project we are applying for is concerned, our contribution will be shared with the rest of the partners in the development of the planned activities as described in section G.2. Work Programme. We will lead the work of the Spanish team, each teacher involved paying attention to a specific field according to the area of knowledge on which they are specialists: IT, Art, English, Communication and media, Social Studies and Citizenship. Besides, we will be leading the forum of the web page, will organise the activities planned for the corresponding project meeting extending them to all members of the school and will disseminate the final product in our community in order to make it useful to other social and educational institutions.

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