Grup Scolar Industrial Tasnad

Grup Scolar Industrial Tasnad is the only secondary school of  town Tasnad situated in the northwest of Romania, county Satu Mare. Tasnad is a small town and the majority of our pupils come from here and villages nearby. Our students (age 14 to 19) can find here a four grade Grammar school with specialization in Mathematics, Computers, Humanistic and Economics and a five-grade Vocational and Technical department including Carpenter, Tailoring and Mechanics.

The region is a touristic one, most of our pupil’s family living from touristic benefits. Their families are mostly middle-class because people can hardly find a job here.  The role of our institution is not only to provide their education, but also to enlarge their horizon, to prepare them for social life. Our school has the support of young teachers who are in a continuous process of self-education, who use modern technology in the process of teaching. They are also devoted to new educational and teaching methods. For example in our school are used AEL lesson for all subjects, not only for Informatics.  That’s why our students are successful, enthusiastic and enterprising. They got prizes’ on different competitions and almost 100% fallow a university after finishing our school. Some of the old students of our school are now teachers in their old school with a doctor or at least a master degree.

The region of our school is a multicultural one here lives Romanians, Hungarians and Germans. That’s why we have classes with mixed ethnics in whom pupils learn how to live in a community, to respect each other and to form a group.

We also have different extracurricular activities on which our pupils can fulfill their potential.  Pupils with special needs are integrated in the community of a class and they are supported by the schools’ psychologist.

We also have classes for the ones who didn’t have the chance terto finish their school. The classes are in the afternoon because these pupils are mostly adults who are  working in the morning. This is a second chance for them to get a diploma which they need in order to get a better job or to maintain the one they have.

The school has two buildings, three computers lab, science labs, a Gym  and a surgery. There are classes from 08.00 a.m. to 14.00 p.m.. Pupils from the carpenter and mechanics have training classes held in the factories of the town, where after graduation can easily become employees.

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